Twister Firewood Wrappers
Twister Firewood Wrappers
Twister Firewood Wrappers
Twister Firewood Wrappers
Twister Firewood Wrappers
Twister Firewood Wrappers
Twister Firewood Wrappers
Twister Firewood Wrapping System are designed to quickly stretch-wrap bundles of firewood.
These machines are designed to wrap firewood from 12" - 24" in length.
The Twister Wrapper is fast, 12-15 seconds actual wrap time plus loading and unloading.
Rates of 45 bundles an hour are common for a single operator!
Stock Square Bundle Sizes are 3/4, 1, 1-1/4 / 1-1/2 CU. FT.
Firewood Twisters come in any color you choose as long as it's John Deere Yellow!!

Advantages of owning a Twister Firewood Wrapping System:
• Owning a Twister overcomes the problems of customers overloading bushel baskets, wheelbarrows or single arm loads.
• Twister allows the size of the firewood bundle to be determined by the owner / operator.
• Wrapping with a Twister is faster than bagging.
• Wrapping with a Twister is faster and cleaner than string tying.
• Stretch wrapping with a Twister holds wood secure during handling due to it's elasticity.
• Twister wrappers create open ended bundles that allow the wood to dry in storage.
• Twister wrappers features a 115 volt, 1/4 horsepower gear motor drive. 1/2 horsepower upgrades available on most models.
• Twister firewood wrapping systems have a 1 year limited warranty.
• Twister firewood wrapping systems can be used in remote locations with a generator.
• Twister Wrappers are easily converted from one bundle size to another by changing the gauge and basket rings.
• Twister Wrappers are adjustable to accomodate the operators height, requiring less bending.
• Twister Wrappers are portable, mounted on 8" wheels and rolls like a two wheeler.
• Twister has manageable dimensions: 37" width, 40" depth, 43" minimum height - 67" maximum height, and 230 lbs. weight.
• Gas powered by HONDA wrappers are built on both modified standered and high speed quick load bases (with same sizes avaible as the electric modles)
• Twister Firewood Wrapping Systems are the ORIGINAL firewood wrapping system - anything else is just a copy!

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