ABS Auto Convey
ABS Auto Convey


The AutoConvey is a durable biomass handling system comprised of a conveyor that is customizable to lengths of 16’, 24’, and 32’; with a 20” wide rubber belt. This product is designed in direct response to our customers’ need for a reliable conveyor that contributes to efficient production for any biomass operation.

The AutoConvey will is designed to handle:
  • Firewood
  • Mulch
  • Wood Shavings

Features of the AutoConvey System:

Our conveyors are exceptionally rigid and strong. The main frame is constructed out of heavy, C-4 5.4 C-channel which allows the device to withstand impacts from operational errors as well as span 22’ from the axle to allow for a larger firewood or materials pile.

Automated Biomass Systems has teamed up with Honda Engines because of their reputation for quality and durability. Our commercial line of conveyors, which range from 16’ to 32’ in length are all powered by Honda GX-160 motors developing 5.5 HP at 3600 RPM. These legendary engines are known throughout the world for fast and easy starting, quiet operation, and reliability that just will not quit.

To transfer all this power we have selected Parker Hannifin motors and pumps which deliver it in a reliable and efficient manner. These 8 ci motors allow the belt to turn at up to 350 feet per minute while generating 1500 lbs of torque at the drive shaft. Our engineers have designed a unique coupling system that isolates the motor from unwanted loads on the conveyor action while simultaneously preventing an overload condition of the bearing from misalignment. Simply put: it’s stronger, faster, and harder to damage.

Modular Hopper
Our standard hopper is very flexible and allows for the loading of wood from many firewood processors and all of our splitters and processors. However, we understand that each operation’s needs are unique and have designed our hoppers to be interchangeable so that custom hoppers can be designed to fit any existing firewood processor or splitter. Simply contact us with your dimensions and we will design and fabricate a hopper ideally suited to your operation’s needs.

Easy to Operate
Our power lift feature allows the operator to easily change the height and freely move the conveyor around their yard or between operations. Combine this with our unique skid base, our conveyors are simply the easiest machines to position underneath your processor or up against a building. Designed to be towed behind any compact pickup truck, they can also be lifted easily by most skid steer loaders for quick repositioning in once yard with no chance of damage.

Any conveyor is only as good as its foundation. We have constructed our conveyor out of robust c-channel to provide it with incredible torsional rigidity as well as protecting it against impact with logs, tractors and other incidents with are inevitably unavoidable in the locations where these devices are to be used.

8-mil polyethylene based paint
A industrial grade paint design to stand up to high abrasion environments to protect the machine from rust. We extensively prepare each piece of equipment prior to paint via sandblasting and acid based wash down to ensure proper adhesion. These machines will look great after many years of operation enhancing resale value.

Winged Idler Rollers
These rollers ensure that debris and ice do not build up between the belts and the rollers enhancing belt life.

Conical Drive Rollers
We taper our rollers with a crown in the center to provide superior belt tracking to take into account the uneven loading of most of the operation that these conveyors experience.

Optional Ribbed Belt
To enable operations at steeper angles and in inclement weather

Optional Fines Separator
Designed exclusively for the firewood industry, AutoSort Integrated (AS – i) allows for much of the fines associated with firewood production to be separated from the firewood itself to create a higher quality firewood product. Click here for more info.

Click HERE to download our 2016 AutoConvey brochure!

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